7 Easy Ways To Receive Your SASSA Payment

7 Easy Ways To Receive Your SASSA Payment

7 Easy Ways To Receive Your SASSA Payment. This guide will explain your options for receiving money so that you can choose the one that works best for you. There are quick and easy ways to collect money, whether you have a bank account or prefer cash. Discover how to get your SASSA grant without hassle by breaking down each option!

7 Easy Ways To Receive Your SASSA Payment

Receiving your SASSA grant should be straightforward and convenient. Here are seven easy ways to access your payment:

  1. Post Office Branches (SAPO/Post Bank)
    • If you prefer collecting cash in person or don’t have a bank account, you can collect your SASSA grant at any South African Post Office (SAPO) branch or Post Bank outlet.
    • Requirements: Bring your SASSA card and a valid ID document.
    • Note: Expect waiting times, especially during peak periods.
  2. Bank Mobile Money Transfer
    • If you have a registered bank account with mobile money transfer capabilities, you can receive your SASSA grant directly on your phone.
    • Process: Depending on your bank, use a USSD code or mobile banking app to receive funds.
    • Tip: Ensure your registered phone number matches the one linked to your SASSA account for successful transactions.
  3. Boxer Stores
    • Cash collection is available at selected Boxer stores nationwide for those without bank accounts.
    • Process: Receive a unique code via SMS. Visit the chosen Boxer store with your ID and code to collect your grant.
    • Benefit: Ideal for in-store cash collection convenience.
  4. Pick N Pay Stores
    • Another option for cash collection without a bank account is at designated Pick n Pay stores.
    • Process: Select this option during application or update details on the SASSA website.
    • After approval, visit the selected Pick n Pay store with your ID and SMS code to collect your grant.
  5. Cash Send
    • Cash Send allows cash collection at participating Pick n Pay, Boxer, or Post Office branches, even without a bank account.
    • Process: Choose Cash Send during the application or update details online.
    • Receive a unique SMS code and present it with your ID at the chosen location to collect your grant.
  6. SASSA Bank Account
    • For those with a South African bank account, receiving your SASSA grant directly into your account is secure and convenient.
    • Process: Opt for this option during initial application or update your details online.
    • Ensure your bank information is accurate to avoid delays.
  7. Direct Bank Deposit: Direct bank deposit is one of the most secure and reliable ways to receive your SASSA payment. Ensure your bank details are updated with SASSA to receive your grant directly into your bank account.


Choosing the right payment method for your SASSA grant ensures timely access to your funds with minimal hassle. Whether you prefer the security of direct bank deposits, the convenience of mobile money services, or the simplicity of cash withdrawals, SASSA offers multiple avenues to meet your needs.

By understanding these seven easy ways to receive your SASSA payment, beneficiaries can make informed choices that best suit their financial preferences and lifestyle.

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