Attendance Allowance July 2024 – £108.55 Approved! Possible Increase, Payment Dates

Attendance Allowance July 2024

Attendance Allowance July 2024 – £108.55 Approved! Possible Increase, Payment Dates. In July 2024, the Attendance Allowance (AA) in the UK sees updated rates and payment schedules aimed at supporting individuals with disabilities in their personal care needs. This federal tax-free benefit is crucial for many recipients who require assistance due to physical or mental disabilities.

What is Attendance Allowance?

Attendance Allowance is a financial support provided by the UK government to help eligible individuals meet the costs associated with personal care. This allowance is crucial for those who require supervision or assistance either throughout the day or night due to their disabilities.

Attendance Allowance July 2024

The AA rates for July 2024 have been revised to reflect the rising cost of living and inflation. Eligible recipients can expect the following weekly rates:

  • Lower Rate: £72.65
  • Higher Rate: £108.55

These rates are determined based on the level of care and supervision required by the individual, with the higher rate intended for those needing support both day and night.

Possible Increase in Attendance Allowance

The Department for Work and Pension adjusts Attendance Allowance rates annually in response to changes in the cost of living. For 2024, the rates have been increased to provide better financial support to recipients dealing with disabilities.

Payment Dates

Attendance Allowance payments are typically made every four weeks directly into the beneficiary’s bank account. This regularity ensures that recipients can rely on consistent support for their personal care needs.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for Attendance Allowance in July 2024, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria:

  • Have a mental, physical, or sensory disability.
  • Require supervision or assistance with personal care.
  • Have needed this care for at least six months.
  • Be above the state pension age.

How to Claim Attendance Allowance

Claiming Attendance Allowance involves filling out a claim form, which can be obtained from medical professionals or by contacting relevant authorities. After completing the form and attaching necessary documents, applicants submit their application to Freepost DWP Attendance Allowance.

For assistance or further information, applicants can contact the authorities at 0800 731 0122 or 0800 731 0317.


Attendance Allowance for July 2024 offers increased support with rates of £72.65 and £108.55 weekly, reflecting adjustments for living costs. Eligible recipients can rely on regular payments every four weeks, aiding in their essential personal care needs.