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Did you not receive your February SASSA grant payment?

Have you not received your february SASSA grant payment

Have you not received your february SASSA grant payment.SASSA advised clients who didn’t receive their grants this month to contact Post Bank as soon as possible.

Where can I get in touch with Post bank?

In order to receive their grants, SASSA clients should call the Postbank toll-free number (0800 535 455) if they have not yet received theirs. Make sure you have your ID number on hand when you call.

A change was made to the Sassa SRD grant regulations in February 2023

Clients are no longer required to reconfirm their grants every three months, according to SASSA? In accordance with amended regulations, clients no longer have to resubmit screening responses.

Those who desired to continue receiving SASSA SRD R350 grants on a monthly basis had to reconfirm their applications at least once every three months prior to the amended SRD regulations for covid-19. Currently, SASSA does not require every SRD grant beneficiary to reconfirm their application every three months. 

SASSA encourages those who have been rejected/declined a SASSA grant but still feel they qualify to appeal.The SRD Grant application for the R350 Grant needs to be reconfirmed this month. For more information about the Social Relief of Distress Grant, read on. For more updates like this, subscribe as well.

Is it necessary to confirm SRD every month?

Your application does not need to be reconfirmed every three months. In order to determine if you still qualify for the grant, Sassa will review your application every month.

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