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Here Why Your SRD Grant Is Approved For One Month And Not The Other

Here Why Your SRD Grant Is Approved For One Month And Not The Other

Unemployed individuals living in South Africa rely on the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant for support. The approval of grant payments has, however, been inconsistent for some grant applicants.

Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant applications can vary from month to month for a variety of reasons, according to SASSA.

Here Why Your SRD Grant Is Approved For One Month And Not The Other

In the past few years, millions of unemployed people have applied for and received the SRD grant. After receiving SRD grant payments, many people have faced challenges.

The recipients of SRD grants have complained that after being approved for payment for one month, they were rejected for payments in subsequent months. Other clients complained that they were approved for payment for one month but have not yet been paid for subsequent months.

  • September is approved but August is declined: Income in August exceeded R624 but not in September, as indicated by the database.
  • September is approved but August is still pending: Sassa may have a backlog as it deals with applications on a monthly basis

 The process of Sassa verification

Sassa performs several verification checks to ensure that grant applicants deserve the SRD grant. In regards to the SRD grant, Sassa conducts verification checks on a monthly basis.

During this verification process, the applicant’s bank account is checked for excess funds. In order to receive the SRD grant, the bank verification will ensure that the applicant is eligible.

The SRD grant threshold of R624 must not be exceeded by the applicant, as verified by Sassa. An applicant’s SRD grant application will be rejected if they exceed the income threshold; if the amount in their bank account is below the threshold, they will be approved.

Accordingly, grant applicants may qualify for the SRD grant for one month and not the next, depending on their bank balance. 

What Sassa say About bank account

It SRD grant applicants should therefore have their own bank account and not provide information about another’s account. An applicant for an SRD grant may be rejected for payment if money is reflected in a relative/friend’s bank account. 

Due to a backlog of applications, Sassa said grants may be pending for some months. 

Also revealed by the agency is that there is no set timeframe for the bank verification process. After the applicant’s details are sent to Treasury; to the bank the applicant has chosen; and after it is verified, it is sent back to Treasury and finally to Sassa for payment.

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