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How Much SASSA Grant Per Child 2023

How Much SASSA Grant Per Child 2023

A further increase of R10 per child will be implemented in October 2023 to the current amount of R480 per child. Accordingly, SASSA Child Grant-eligible families will receive R500 per child per month starting April 2023 and R510 starting October 2023.

How Much SASSA Grant Per Child 2023

SASSA Child Grants are means-tested, meaning the amount you receive depends on how much you earn and how many children live in your household who qualify. Multiply the grant amount by how many children you have who meet the eligibility criteria.

The following table shows the SASSA Child Grant amounts in April 2023 and October 2023 for families with one, two, three, and four children:

Number of Qualifying Children April 2023 October 2023
1 R500 R510
2 R1000 R1020
3 R1500 R1530
4 R2000 R2040


Amount of SASSA child grants per child

Depending on your household income and number of qualifying children, you may receive a different amount of SASSA Child Grant based on your means. Assume you are eligible for the full grant amount based on the amount shown in the table above. Depending on how many qualifying children you have, you may receive a larger amount.

You must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for the SASSA Child Grant:

  1. It is necessary that you are a South African citizen.
  2. The child must be under 18 years of age.
  3. You must earn less than a certain amount (the means test).

During the means test, your household income is taken into consideration along with the number of people in your household. SASSA Child Grants are available to households with one or more children who earn less than R48,000 per year. A partial grant may still be available to you if your household income is above these thresholds.

Applicants must visit their nearest SASSA office and fill out an application form in order to qualify for the SASSA Child Grant. In addition to proof of your income and address, you will need to provide proof of your child’s birth. For each qualifying child, you will begin receiving the grant amount once your application is approved.

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