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Logging Into Your Sassa Account Online

Logging Into Your Sassa Account Online

As part of its efforts to make grant applications and access easier for beneficiaries, Sassa has made it possible to have online accounts, so let us walk you through logging in.

Sassa beneficiaries will tell you that receiving services from the agency can take a lot of patience due to the large number of social grant recipients. Sassa’s online services were developed for this purpose.

Social Grants

Social grants can be applied for online through this portal, which is intended to make it easy for beneficiaries to apply for them. You must first register for a Sassa online account in order to access the Sassa service portal.  

A Guide To Registering For A Sassa Account Online  

  1. Check out the Sassa Services Portal

  2. Select ‘Register’ from the ‘Register New Account’ menu

  3. When the prompt for South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) & Cookie Consent appears, click ‘I Agree

  4. Click ‘Apply’ 

  5. Create an account by filling out the registration form

  6. Please provide your name, surname, ID number, etc. 

  7. Please provide your email address and phone number (make sure it is up-to-date and that you use it regularly as you may receive communication from Sassa).

  8. Enter a password for your Sassa account, which you’ll use when logging in. 

Your Online Sassa account will now be accessible once you have completed the registration process. 

Sassa Online Login Instructions

This requires you to enter your user name, which is your I.D. number, as well as the password you chose when registering.

A Sassa service website will also ask to access your browser. Your ability to log in will be halted if you do not click ‘Allow’.

You will likely start by making an online social grant application, so let’s talk about how to do that.

Online Grant Application 

Step 1:

Check out Sassa’s services website

Step 2:

Create an account by following the instructions above

Step 3:

Start an application with your username and password

Step 4:

Select ‘Apply for a Grant’ and select the grant you would like to apply for

Step 5:

Submit the grant application by providing all the required information

Step 6  

Finalize the affidavit generated by Sassa and have it commissioned by a commissioner oath. The bank payment form should also be printed, signed, and submitted along with the affidavit. 

Step 7:

Upload your certified supporting documents in PDF format as specified by the application form (the website will tell you what you need),

Step 8:

Submit your application and you will receive an e-mail or SMS confirmation of your submission with a reference number. Please use this reference number for any inquiries.


Sassa’s implementation of online accounts and services has greatly improved the accessibility and convenience of applying for social grants. Beneficiaries can now register for a Sassa online account, enabling them to access the service portal and initiate their grant applications.

The process is user-friendly, requiring applicants to provide their information, select the desired grant, and submit the required documents. The online system streamlines the application process, reducing the need for physical visits and long wait times. By embracing technology, Sassa has made significant strides in enhancing efficiency and providing better services to social grant recipients in South Africa.

If you want to check sassa status please click this link

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