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Nsfas Rejects Over 300 000 Applications For 2023

Nsfas Rejects Over 300 000 Applications For 2023

In 2023, over 1 million students applied for financial aid to study at tertiary institutions under the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Nevertheless, not all applicants qualified for funding.

Nsfas Rejects Over 300 000 Applications For 2023

Over 300,000 financial aid applications have been rejected by the financial aid provider for the 2023 academic year.An update on the funding decisions for the 2023 academic year was released by the bursary scheme.In 2023, NSFAS funding applications will open on 28 September 2022 and close at midnight on 31 January 2023.For First Time Entering (FTEN) students who are also Sassa recipients, funding decisions were made immediately, according to NSFAS.

Nsfas says funding lists for non-Sassa applicants and returning students were released to institutions and applicants were notified by SMS and email based on their contact information during the application process.

The bursary scheme has confirmed funding for 941,491 applicants pending registration at a public university or TVET college.The NSFAS funding requirements prevented about 317,335 applications from being successful.

More than 206,781 applications remain to be evaluated, while 37,854 are awaiting financial eligibility assessments and third-party confirmations.For any updates on your application, please check your messages, emails, and myNsfas account as some students may require additional information.

The scheme is now also accessible via WhatsApp on 078 519 8006 and USSD code *120*67327#. 

A total of 11 239 appeals have been received to date, according to the scheme.

Unsuccessful students wishing to appeal the schemes funding decision can do so via their myNsfas account, where they’ll be directed to the appeal tab for supporting documentation to be uploaded.

These students must submit their appeals within 30 days of receiving application result.Additionally, in an effort to bring resources and information closer to students Nsfas has temporarily placed officials in universities and TVET colleges across the country to assist in resolving any queries or challenges students may have.

Nsfas officials will be on campus grounds until 17 February 2023.

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