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Old age homes for Sassa pensioners 2023-2024

Old age homes for Sassa pensioners

You have a right to a pension and old age homes for Sassa pensioners are also available as a senior citizens of South Africa. Sometimes, it is difficult to take care of by those around you then in this case old age home is more preferable. Old age homes are institutions where older people get residence and assistance for extra care for their frail state. There you are ensured about your comfort and care are guaranteed and You can also easily find the right old age home for yourself.

All about old age homes

How to apply for an older person’s residential facility?

You can also go to any nearest department of social development or social workers’ office to get help if you do not know anything about how to apply for older persons’ homes. Without your permission, no one can admit you forcefully to the residential facility without your consent unless your medical report proves you unfit or the court order you to admit to a residential facility. You can apply for the residential facility by filling out the application form. You can apply for older person residental facility,if

  • you are 60 years or older
  • full-time attendance is required
  • you must be a South African citizen
  • you must receive the old age pension or fund

Note: You will also go through Screeing and verification process, if if you are eligible for an application and a subsidy.

Document Required for Application:

The document needed for the application of Choosing the right old age home for the elder that are:
You only have to submit

  • ID documents (as a South African Citizen)
  • The report issued about a medical condition

Where you can apply?

You can apply through any residential facilities and if you do not know the office then you can go to any nearest office of the social development department for guidance. If you are too old or sick and are unable to visit the office, then your family member, friends, or relatives can also apply on your behalf. After applying, you will receive a stamped receipt. you have to keep it safe as it is the proof of your application. In order to get information about your current living condition, the social workers also arrange a home visit. So, they can get to know about your living situation.

Old age homes for Sassa pensioners

After submission of the application, you will be informed whether your application is rejected or approved. If your application is rejected then there is also mentioned reason for rejection in writing. you also have the right to object to the reason through appeal to the Minister of Social Development

Considerations for choosing an old age home

One of the most important tasks for you is to select the most suitable old-age home for you. Your choice of the home ensures your comfort and guaranteed care as it all depends upon your need. When finding a good old age home, amongst other factors, you should keep in mind the following thing:

  • Quality of accommodation
  • meal and dietary schedule that suits you
  • Amenities that you can easily access (like wheelchairs or walkers to move around etc)
  • Medical care facilities that you avail
  • Trained Medical staff consideration
  • A place that suits you(city or outside the city that contains nature)

Receiving SASSA older persons’ grant at door steps:

If you have applied for the Sassa older persons’ grant and your application has been approved, then as a beneficiary of the grant, you will receive payment monthly. You can collect your money on a particular payday by three different means:
Cash: (collect your money at a certain point on a fixed pay date)
Bank deposit: ( collect money through a bank account or Postbank account)
Specific institute: (You can collect your money at doorstep through institutions like old age homes)

Benefits Of Old age homes:

The old age homes are the best options when you think about “How best to deal with the problems of getting older?”. As everyone has to face old age for once in life and old age homes are place where you can live with highest standards of care even when you grow old. Here are some of the reasons which compel everyone to consider old age home an excellent choice for elderly persons.

  • Assist with Day-to-Day Living: Staff is always on hand to help in dressing, bathing, eating, drinking, and even put an eye to following daily routine activities.
  • Safety: staff is there for safety and security at all times, especially for those who have memory problems and may forget to lock doors and windows, etc. They even protect elders from fraudsters and victims of violent crime.
  • Social Engagement: Loneliness is the scourge of old age but staff always engage people with their peers, sharing life experiences, social activities, and outings to keep them active and mentally stimulated.
  • Regular Meal Times: staff is responsible to provide a selection of healthy and nutritious meals at regular intervals in the day, especially for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • Housekeeping Services: The older person’s laundry and keeping the house clean and up to date are also staff responsibilities.
  • Relieving the Strain on Family Members: it is also relieving for family members to know that your loved one is safe and well looked after.
  • Specialized Healthcare: Older people get assistance through trained and experienced nursing home staff in case of poor health conditions.
  • Access to Resources: Staff is always on hand to offer help and assistance with phone calls or sending emails.


How long does it take to complete the whole process from application to decision?

The processing of your application will be started within 14 days and a decision has to be made within 30 days, of your submission of the application.

What are old-age homes for elder people?

The old age homes are private or government-owned organizations registered with social development, these are considered homes for elderly people. In these homes, services are provided to the elderly people for their ease in daily life and medical care.

How many old-age homes are in South Africa?

There are nearly an estimated 1,150 residential facilities for older people. out of which only 415 are registered with the Department of Social Development and eight are owned and managed by the government.

What is a frail care center?

The frail care center is for people who are unable to perform their daily routine household activities like dressing, eating, etc. This is because of many reasons like sick, aging, physical or mental disability, etc.

Can medical aid be covered by old home age?

For frail care or rehabilitation services, you can use your health insurance but for a short period of time.

Final thoughts:

When people decide to send their loved one to old age homes it is because they no longer help them with the necessary care and attention that they require in their daily life. This could be because of their health conditions as old-age homes provide more hands-on care and facilities. Especially for people who need special medical attention, significant dedicated time, and care, considering old homes are the best option for them.

Old age homes for SASSA pensioners are subsidized by the government that offers several homes while considering the factors that could make the home perfect for someone just according to need.

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