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Sassa disability grant application – Living with Disabilities 2023

Sassa Status Check

If anyone had a disability or serious physical illness for more than 6 months then that person will qualify for the Sassa disability grant application (South African Social Security Agency). You may get a temporary or permanent disability grant. Someone who is ill or disabled to do work for more than 12 months then you get a permanent disability grant but this is not for a lifetime. You will get a temporary disability grant if your illness will last for a continuous period of 6 months or less than 12 months. 

About a disability grant Sassa

According to the Minister, the disability grant is the third largest social assistance grant that helps nearly 997 752 persons on monthly basis.

 Eligibility Criteria for a disability grant 

  • The candidate must be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee.
  • Resident in South Africa when you applying for a grant (if you are outside the country, you will unqualify the grant)
  • Age must be in between 18 to 59 years
  • medical/assessment report is also required as proof that confirms your permanent illness, or severe disability.
  • Meet the requirements of the means test (also spouse, if married)
  • Must not be cared for in Institution that belongs to the state
  • The applicant should not take any other social grant (his spouse too, if married)
  • If you are single, you should not earn more than R86 280, and your asset’s worth should not be more than R1 227 600. If you are married, your earnings should not be more than R172 560, and assets’ worth should not exceed R2 455 200.

Note: After the medical checkup, the medical report will forward to South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). This is valid for three months from the date you are assessed.

Document needed for Sassa Disability Grant:

The completion of the application process depends upon the availability of the document that is required. So, if you want to qualify for the grant, you must bring yourself the following document.

  • ID documents (must have a 13-digit bar-coded)
  • The previous applicant’s medical records and reports are also required when the assessment is done
  • A medical assessment is also done by the doctor who is appointed by the state
  • Marriage certificate or proof
  • Residence proof
  • Income proof and statement (if any)
  • Assets proof(if any that also includes the municipal value of your property)
  • Private pension proof (if any)
  • Bank statement (last 3 months)
  • Refugee status permit or 13-digit refugee ID (if your status is a refugee)
  • UIF document (UIF stands for Unemployment Insurance Fund)
  • copy of the will and the first and final liquidation and distribution accounts (if you are married and your spouse died within the last five years)

Suppose the applicant is under 18. You can also apply for Care Dependency Grant if you need permanent care due to your disability. If you do not have Identity Documents (ID) then you have to complete an affidavit in a standard SASSA format. This process is done in the presence of the Commissioner of Oaths who’s not a SASSA official.

At the same time, you must apply for the ID, at the Department of Home Affairs. you must apply for ID within three months of applying for the grant if you do not want your application to be rejected or suspended. A sworn statement is also required to be signed by a reputable person for verification of your age and name. Sassa official will also take your fingerprints in case you do not have ID documents. SASSA shares all Disability grant related information

Where do you apply for a disability grant?

You can apply for the disability grant at any nearest Sassa office. But if you are ill or unable to visit the office, your family member or friend can also apply for a grant on your behalf. You will fill out your application form in the presence of the Sassa officer. After completion of the application process, a receipt will be given to you that is the only proof of your application. So, it is important to keep it secure and safe.

If your application process is unsuccessful, you will inform in writing and also the reason “why your application is refused?” You also have the right to apply for reconsideration, after refusal of your application within 90 days of being notified about rejection. If your application is still rejected, you also have the right to appeal the decision to the Minister of Social Development.

Payment Methods:

When you apply for the application, you must have to choose the method through which you want to get your payments. Through the following ways, the grant will pay you.

  • Through Cash (You can choose any fixed particular place, where you want to get money)
  • Bank deposit method (Grant beneficiaries also have the choice to select the bank if they want to deposit their money directly into the bank)
  • Through an Institute (Institute that is not funded by the state for example home for disabled persons etc)
  • Sassa card (If you choose the Sassa card accounts, you are not liable for any costs. Sassa cards are issued to you by South African Post Office officials.
Sassa disability grant application Living with Disabilities 2022
Sassa Disability grant

Reason for grant suspension:

Remember that you must have to inform the department if any change occurs. either it is related to your physical or mental health or about postal addresses and/or banking details. If you fail to do so, that may result in grant suspension. The grant can be suspended because of the following reasons:

  • Any change in medical or financial circumstances
  • If you failed to co-operate when the grant will be reviewed
  • In case of false information, fraud, or misrepresentation
  • If an error occurs while applying for a grant
  • Review Outcome pending

To remove the suspension, an restoration application can be made, within 90 days of being informed.

Grant lapsing:

The lapse of a grant means that you are not eligible for crucial financial support from the government anymore. The SASSA disability grant could be lapse for several different reasons depending upon the beneficiaries’ circumstances. These reasons include:

If :

  • The Grant recipient died
  • Admitted to a state care institution
  • when a temporary disability period lapses
  • no longer a refugee status
  • Not living in South Africa for more than 90 days
  • you forget to claim a grant for more than 90 days
  • no longer qualifies means test

Mean test

As a Sassa grant beneficiary, it is your responsibility to inform Sassa if any changes occur in your financial or physical health condition. For this purpose, a mean test is also performed, to evaluate the income and assets of the candidate. This is a way to determine whether the applicant qualifies for a grant or not. Actually, through the mean test, Sassa wants to confirm that grants are given to those who have insufficient means to support themselves.


 What if you are admitted to a state care institute?

If you are under the care or admitted to any institution of state then your grant will be reduced to 25% of the maximum amount of the grant until the date you are discharged from the institution. The process of grant reduction started from the fourth month following your admission to that institution.

When grant will pay to you?

If you qualify for the grant, after completion of your application process then you will be paid from the date, you applied.

How long does it take to complete the disability grant application?

The disability grant application process is completed within 3 months but if your grant is approved you will get your payment from the day you applied for the grant.

 Where did you get the disability grant application form?

The form is not available online but you can get the application form from any Sassa office that is located near you.

How much is the Sassa disability grant 2022?

After qualifying for the grant, the beneficiaries will get the maximum amount of R1 980 per month.

 Who to contact for enquires?

You can contact any time to Sassa South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) through

SASSA Toll-free: 0800 60 10 11
Email: [email protected] 

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