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Sassa R350 Grant Extended By Another Year 2024

Sassa R350 Grant Extended By Another Year 2024

The R350 grant has been pushed by lobbying groups for permanent status. Beneficiaries can breathe a temporary sigh of relief while the government does not decide whether to make the grant permanent. 

SRD Sassa R350 Grant Extended By Another Year

As a temporary measure to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant was introduced in May 2020. After its implementation, the grant proved to be effective. 

Sassa R350 Grant Extended By Another Year 2024

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana confirmed that the grant will be extended in the 2022 Medium Term Budget speech.

The government’s decision to extend the special Covid-19 SRD grant by one year, until 31 March 2024, has driven the medium-term changes to spending plans.

speech of Godongwana

In his speech, Godongwana pointed out a number of global and local risks, such as rising inflation, tightening financial conditions, and the ongoing effect of Covid-19, including China’s more stringent lockdowns.

Therefore, the budget over the next three years will focus on restoring service delivery and laying the foundation for higher growth.

According to Godongwana, any permanent extension or replacement of the SRD grant would require permanent increases in revenue or reductions in spending elsewhere.

Discussions are ongoing regarding making the SRD grant permanent for qualifying individuals.

In the 2030/31 financial year, the financial implications of the Covid-19 SRD grant could amount to roughly R64.9 billion according to the National Treasury.

South Africa’s food poverty line is R624, and lobby groups are pushing for SRD grants to be raised to this level. Grant recipients receive R350 a month.

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