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Sassa r700 grant application warning

Sassa Status Check

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) distributes grants to millions of South Africans since 2006. The Sassa R700 Grant application has been trending and the applicant is trying to find ways for applying the r700 Sassa grant . But it is shocking to know that there is no such grant that Sassa offers. The fraudsters are targeting Sassa recipients by advertising the fake grant r700. The people who apply for this, also face the problem of receiving their Sassa grant. So be careful about this.

Sassa Reaction about r700 grant.

On the Sassa Twitter page, The South African Social Security Agency announced that there is no such r700 grant and Sassa also warned the public about this false advertisement and information.

Here is the tweet

The Sasaa said: Please note that the advert about r700 is fake and does not come from the South African Social Security Agency. No additional grant type is announced by Sassa apart from one that is already offered by Sassa.

Sassa news r700 fake application
Sassa tweet Sassa about r700 fake grant news

Grants that are being offered by Sassa

  1. Older person’s or old age pension grant (for people aged more than 64)
  2. Child support grant (provide all the basic needs of children)
  3. Care dependency grant (child with a disability)
  4. Grant in aid
  5. War veteran’s grant
  6. Foster child grant
  7. Disability grant (person with severe disability and illness)
  8. Covid 19 SRD (social relief of distinct) grant (for unemployment peoples)

What to do when you receive a Fake advertisement

What you should do, when anyone receives the scam application about the r700 grant? you should first report the application scam on the internet and then immediately contact the police or the Sassa office. So, that immediate action can be taken against scammers.

You can also make a phone call at the Sassa office or contact the Sassa helpline support to report against scammers whenever you see a fake advertisement about Sassa that is not mentioned on the Sassa website officially.

R700 grant that is fake and unreal
About r700 fake advertisement


You can see the news about the extension or changes in many grants but It is important to know which one is fake and which one is real for example The SRD grant extension are recently announced by President Cyril Ramaphosawhich will continue until March 2023. but at the same time, in 2017, many money lenders targeted Sassa beneficiaries for loans by spreading fake news about Sassa loans. So, it is important to keep your eyes open and just trust the advertisement that is mentioned on the official channels of Sassa.

But If you get news about grant payout dates or extensions and you are not sure if this is real or not. In this case, you should contact the Sassa office rather through phone call or email to find the truth about the news. Otherwise, there are the chances of fraud or scammers and it is possie also that your personal information can be stolen.

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