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SASSA Reapplication for SRD R350 Grant 2023

Sassa Status Check

The Nation’s state of disaster has come to end now. According to the department of social development, the beneficiaries who previously received the r350 social relief of distress grant have to SASSA Reapplication for SRD R350 Grant.

 Paseka Letsatsi (the head of communications at Sassa) and Africa Melanie discussed with each other why there need of reapplying the application. The Letsatsi says about this Since the national state of disaster has ended now and r350 grants were processed to fight against the disaster. Since that has ended now, so the grant has been reinstated under the Social Assistance Act, which has its own requirements. Here, is a complete guide for you about ” How to reapply for the r350 grant”?

How to SASSA Reapplication for SRD R350 Grant ?

If the recipients still want the grant, they have to reapply to confirm whether or not they fulfilled the requirements of the Social Assistance Act. The President Cyril Ramaphosa announced during the state of the nation address the earlier in the month of April, that the grant would be extended from April 2022 until March 2023. Now the Minister of DSD has published the new regulations for grant application in the normal era. For the beneficiaries who already have re-applied for the grant, there is no need for them to apply again and again as Sassa considers only one application. On the contrary, it may confuse the system and there becomes a delay in the verification and approval phase processes. So, you must only have to apply for once through any channel.

How To Reapply For Sassa R350 Grant

You can re-apply for the grant through the Sassa website:

How To Reapply For Sassa R350 Grant
Reapply For Sassa R350 Grant

There is no need to re-apply every month for the r350 grant. You just apply for once just because now the r350 grant is reinstated under the Social Assistance Act but according to the Deputy director-general of the Social Development Department Brenda Sibeko “you need to put an eye on the Sassa website in every three months to check a notification or if their is any queries from Sassa that requires answers because on the basis of your provided information, Sassa has to determined whether if you still need the grant or not“. So, you need to reconfirm your grant application once in every 3 months. The only purpose of reconfirmation is to inform Sassa that you still need the grant. You also need to update about your circumstances in response to the screening test, If there occurs any change in your financial condition.

how to reconfirm the grant application after every 3 months
Re-confirm grant application

When you can re-apply

The reapply application for the r350 grant is now open. Before resubmitting the Sassa application, first, you have to confirm that you fit in eligibility criteria which are:

  • The beneficiary must be a South African citizen or permanent resident or refugee or asylum seeker or holder of special permits
  • The applicant has no current employment
  • have no financial source or income means
  • applicant age is between 18 to 60

According to the new regulation of the Social Assistance Act, Sassa fixed the threshold for the applicant’s income means that the individual salary must be below the threshold price.

Note: Applicants must provide their personal details correctly to Sassa and try to avoid scammers. If the receipt chooses the cellphone as their payment method then first they must RICA their cellphone numbers otherwise their application is disqualified or disapproved by the Sassa official.

According to Oliphant, the whole application process of Sassa converts into a purely digital process now, which makes it possible to quickly access the information and reduces turnaround times.


So, the millions of South African citizens who were beneficiaries of the R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant, now they need to re-apply in order to sustain that position. So you will start receiving the grant after the processing and verification process within 7 to 10 business working days from the day you submit your information to Sassa.

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