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Sassa Srd R350 To R624 New Income Threshold Proposed 2023

Sassa Status Check

Sassa Srd R350 To R624 Income New Threshold-A SASSA official said: By the end of March 2023, SRD R350 grant was covering 10.9 million people. Prior to the start of this round, SASSA’s monthly budget had been cut by 0.4 million to cover only 10.5 million people, so in order to compensate, they had to decrease the threshold to R350 in order to remove some people from the system.

All applicants, not just those who had been declined, were tested against the bank accounts under the third round of SASSA’s application process. Applicants who received incomes exceeding R350 in their bank accounts were excluded from the program due to the R350 maximum income allowable.

The Department received very few approvals after implementing the new regulations, including checking applicants’ bank accounts to determine their income threshold of R350. For the month of June, only 5.2 million of the 11.4 million applicants were approved. Approximately half of all applications are in this category.

Here are the numbers 

  • A total of 11,4 million people applied.
  •  43% are male and 57% female.
  • Caregivers of the child support grant beneficiaries account for 4 million of the applicants.
  • The total number of non-citizens who applied is 21 207, and the majority are special permit holders from Lesotho at 15 882, followed by asylum seekers at 2133, and special permit holders from Zimbabwe and Angola at 1613 and 1579 respectively.
  • Youth under the age of 35 years account for 60% of the applications, while 40% of the applicants have a grade 12 qualification and 5% a tertiary education.
  • So far, SASSA has started paying the June applicants while also back paying the successful reconsiderations from August 2021 onwards.
  • For June 2022 applications, 5.273 million beneficiaries were approved, of whom 3.729 have been paid already.

(you can apply for SRD at the SASSA website)

Sassa Srd R350 To R624 New Income Threshold

As a result of the low approval numbers, the department of social development has proposed a new maximum income threshold of R624, at least up to the poverty line set after the latest census by Statistics South Africa (STATS SA). Many people will then be eligible for the grant.


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