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Sassa Status ‘Application Assessed’: What Does It Mean

Sassa Status 'Application Assessed': What Does It Mean

Tracking your application for permanent Sassa grants involves several processes, so it’s important to keep up with every aspect of it. With this in mind, let’s examine what it means when your Sassa status is ‘Application Assessed’. 


Thousands of financially vulnerable South Africans who struggle to make ends meet rely on social grants for support. South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) administers these grants, which are paid out to children, people with disabilities, war veterans, and child care providers.

Older Person grants, Disability grants, War Veterans grants, Care Dependency grants, Foster Child grants, Child Support grants, Child Support grant Top Ups, and Grant-in-aid grants are some of them. 

It is also important to note that Sassa’s social grants application process can take up to three months. Therefore, it is even more important for social grant applicants to understand their application status.  

The Meaning of ‘Application Assessed’ Sassa Status

Applicants for social grants may wonder what it means when the status of their application says ‘Application Assessed’. Sassa says this means that your application has been captured by an official and is in the process of being processed.

A possible outcome for this stage of the application would be ‘Application captured – Waiting for approval’. 

Appeals Process For Social Grants

This may result in the application being awaiting approval. In the event that your application is rejected, Sassa will inform you of the reason and allow you to appeal if you feel the rejection was unjustifiable.

You will need to fill out an appeal form accompanied by your supporting documents at your nearest Sassa office branch. After receiving notification that your application has been rejected, you must file an appeal within 90 days. 

Sassa reserves the right to suspend a permanent social grant for a variety of reasons. A grant may be revoked due to changes in financial or medical circumstances, an unfavorable grant review outcome, or if a grant was mistakenly approved.

If the agency detects fraudulent activity, misrepresents recipients’ circumstances, or fails to submit some required documents, grant payments may be suspended.

If this occurs, you have 30 days from the date of suspension to apply for restoration. If you fail to reapply within this deadline, your social grant may expire. 

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