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Some Reasons Why SASSA SRD R350 Grants are Declined

Some Reasons Why SASSA SRD R350 Grants are Declined

Every month, millions of SRD grant applicants are declined, and most clients have no idea why.An SRD Grant fact sheet has been published by Sassa outlining the reasons why applications are rejected. The reasons below can be checked and fixed to get approved.

Your application error can be fixed by checking all these reasons.

Some Reasons Why SRD Grants are Declined

The following are some of the most common reasons why SRD R350 grant applications are rejected.

Identification of alternative sources of income Income tax contributions have been made by the applicant while employed.
Existing Sassa grant This applicant currently receives a grant other than a child grant from the Social Security Administration.
NSFAS registered National Student Fund Aid Scheme benefits the applicant
UIF registered A UIF benefit may be available based on TERS, contributions to UIF, or the applicant is currently receiving benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Fund
Registration of government payrolls An applicant works for a government agency
Age outside range(>60) Due to the applicant’s age (over 60), they are not eligible for the grant.
DHA record shows deceased (Suspended) On the Department of Home Affairs database, the client is listed as deceased
Debtor Once or more, the client was paid R350 without qualifying. The money has been withheld to correct the error. Once all outstanding R350s have been recovered, payments will resume if the client still qualifies.

What can I do when my application is declined?

If the client wishes to dispute the outcome, they can appeal through the Social Development Independent Tribunal website at Applications are reviewed every month, so you can appeal every month. In the event that you are rejected again within the same month, you can appeal for the following month. From the date your application is declined, you have only 90 days to appeal.

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