Where to Collect SASSA R370 Grant Without an ID Book

Where to Collect SASSA R370 Grant Without an ID Book

Where to Collect SASSA R370 Grant Without an ID Book. In South Africa, an ID book (or ID card) is a primary form of identification and is typically required for various official processes, including accessing SASSA social grants.

However, there are circumstances where individuals might not have their ID book due to loss, theft, or other reasons. Fortunately, SASSA has provisions in place to ensure that those without an ID book can still collect SASSA R370 grants with ease.

Alternative Forms of Identification

If you do not have your ID book, you can use alternative forms of identification to collect the SASSA R370 grant. Here are some of the acceptable alternatives:

1. Temporary ID Certificate

If you have applied for a new ID book but have not yet received it, you can use the Temporary ID Certificate issued by the Department of Home Affairs. This certificate serves as a temporary proof of identity.

2. Affidavit and Police Report

In cases where your ID book has been lost or stolen, you can provide an affidavit and a police report as proof of your identity. The affidavit should state the circumstances of the loss or theft, and the police report should corroborate this information.

3. Birth Certificate

For younger beneficiaries who may not yet have an ID book, a birth certificate can be used as proof of identity. This is particularly relevant for child grants.

4. Passport or Driver’s License

If you have a passport or driver’s license, these documents can also serve as valid forms of identification for collecting your grant.

Where to Collect SASSA R370 Grant Without an ID Book

Once you have your alternative identification ready, you can proceed to collect the SASSA R370 grant. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Visit the Nearest SASSA Office

Go to the nearest SASSA office with your alternative identification. The staff at the office will assist you in verifying your identity and processing your grant.

2. SASSA Pay Points

In some areas, SASSA has designated pay points where grants can be collected. These pay points are usually located in accessible places such as community halls, schools, and shopping centers.

3. Post Office

The South African Post Office is another collection point for SASSA grants. Ensure you bring your alternative identification to verify your eligibility.

4. Bank Account

If you have a bank account, you can arrange for your SASSA grant to be deposited directly into your account. This method is convenient and ensures that you can access your funds without the need for physical collection.

Additional Support and Resources

SASSA understands the challenges faced by those without an ID book and provides additional support to ensure everyone can collect SASSA R370 grant. Here are some resources and tips to help you navigate the process:

1. SASSA Helpline

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact the SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11. The helpline provides information on grant collection, alternative identification, and other related queries.

2. Community Support Centers

Many communities have support centers that offer assistance with social grant applications and collections. These centers can provide guidance and help you gather the necessary documentation.

3. Department of Home Affairs

If you need to apply for a temporary ID certificate or report a lost or stolen ID book, visit the Department of Home Affairs. They can expedite the process and issue the necessary documents to help you collect SASSA R370 grant.


Q 1: Can I collect SASSA R370 grant without any form of ID?

Ans: No, you need some form of identification to collect the SASSA R370 grant. However, alternative forms of identification such as a temporary ID certificate, affidavit and police report, birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license are acceptable.

Q 2: What should I do if my ID book is lost or stolen?

Ans: If your ID book is lost or stolen, you can provide an affidavit and a police report as proof of your identity to collect the SASSA R370 grant. Visit the nearest police station to file a report and obtain an affidavit.

Q 3: Can children collect SASSA grants without an ID book?

Ans: Yes, children can use their birth certificates as proof of identity to collect SASSA grants, including the R370 grant.


Accessing your SASSA R370 grant without an ID book is possible by using alternative forms of identification. Whether through a temporary ID certificate, an affidavit and police report, a birth certificate, or other valid IDs, SASSA ensures that everyone can receive their grants without undue difficulty.

If you face any challenges, the SASSA helpline, community support centers, and the Department of Home Affairs are there to assist you.

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