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How To Get Your Sassa Grant In Your Bank Account

How To Get Your Sassa Grant In Your Bank Account

Social grants provide basic goods and services to millions of vulnerable people. Several different payments may impact when a beneficiary receives their grant. 

How To Get Your Sassa Grant In Your Bank Account

Every month, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) distributes social grants to more than 18 million beneficiaries. Their grant programs include Older Persons Grants, War Veterans Grants, Disability Grants, Foster Child Grants, Care Dependency Grants, Child Support Grants, Top-up Child Support Grants, and Grants in Aid.

It is possible to grant beneficiaries access to their money through a variety of payment options. They may be required to wait for a specific day to collect their money or they may be able to access their grant at any time, depending on the payment option they choose. 

Grant beneficiaries currently use four payment methods.

Beneficiaries can choose to have their grants paid directly into their bank accounts. With this payment option, they are able to access their money at any time. Beneficiaries are changing their payment methods because of the flexibility this provides. 

If I want to change my gold card to my bank account what is needed?

Get a form from your local Sassa office, take it to your preferred bank for a stamp, and then send it back to Sassa with your bank statement or proof of an active bank account.

Other Grant Payment Options

Social grants are being distributed by selected retail outlets through Sassa. As long as the retail outlet is open, beneficiaries are able to withdraw their money whenever they want. Social grants are distributed by Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer stores, Usave stores, and Checkers.

Post office branches around the country are also available for beneficiaries to pick up their grants. However, they can only collect their grants during predetermined times and on official payment dates.


Grant beneficiaries can also collect their money at mobile cash pay points. Beneficiaries will only be able to collect their grant payment for a few hours during a grant payment cycle since this is not a flexible payment option. \

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