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Sassa Srd R350 Fixed Issues Re-Apply Online

Sassa Srd R350 Fixed Issues Re-Apply Online

Currently, SASSA is processing payments for the R350 grant, so if your furnish application has been declined, here’s what you can do. Let discuss Sassa Srd R350 Fixed Issues Re-Apply Online

Why Srd Repayments Declined?

SASSA is currently processing SRD repayments for December, so it’s possible your R350 application has been declined. Depending on the motivation for your grant, here is how you can unravel it.

My application was declined- what can I do to dispute the outcome?

Sassa Will Decline Your Application on That Reasons

SASSA will decline your application if it finds that you have been employed and have made profits tax contributions.

You can submit a request for reconsideration on SASSA’s SRD website, underneath the tab: Apply for reconsideration.

There may also be a reason your SRD furnish application has been declined if you provided private information that doesn’t match those from the Department of Home Affairs.

SASSA will require you to update your title and surname on their SRD website, under the tab: Request Name and Surname Update.

Additionally, you can practice for reconsideration by following the steps listed above.

Sassa Srd R350 Fixed Issues Re-Apply Online

  • When SASSA has given the following reasons for declining your SRD furnish application, you may also need to practice for a R350 offer attraction:
  • If it is discovered that you are a recent recipient of a Social Supply that is different from this grant.
  • The National Student Fund Aid Scheme may be available to you if you are registered with it.
  • Applicants who qualify for UIF benefits primarily based on TERS or UIF contributions or who are currently receiving Unemployment Insurance Fund benefits.
  • An applicant works for a government agency.
  • You have been declined if you do not meet the age requirements or are over the age of 60.

If you have been registered as deceased on the Department of Home Affairs database as a beneficiary. Before submitting a reconsideration request, you must contact the Department of Home Affairs to correct your home fame.

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