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Track Your NSFAS Application On WhatsApp

Track Your NSFAS Application On WhatsApp

Your NSFAS funding can now be tracked online thanks to the digital age. In today’s world, applicants can even track their applications via Whatsapp

Track Your NSFAS Application On WhatsApp

With the new academic year comes a new class of university and college freshmen, many of whom have applied for bursaries but have yet to receive them.

There is no doubt that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is one of the most sought-after bursary programs in the country. NSFAS bursaries are not the only reason students pursue them, but they contribute to their accessibility. 

Consequently, NSFAS receives approximately 1 million applications every year due to its accessibility to prospective tertiary students. Due to this high volume, students must keep track of their own funding applications so that they can proceed according to the response they receive.

MyNSFAS portal, WhatsApp, and other online means are available for keeping track. If you prefer to track via WhatsApp, you can do so by:

  • The number 078 519 8006 has been added
  • Getting in touch with the number and going from there

Alternatively, students can log into the myNSFAS portal to track their funding. Otherwise, they can also dial *120*67327# and follow the prompts to begin their tracking.

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