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What To Do About March Sassa Grant Payment Issues

What To Do About March Sassa Grant Payment Issues

Millions of South Africans received their social grants in March, but many had problems collecting them. These issues may be caused by a variety of factors. Here are some ways to resolve them. 

What To Do About March Sassa Grant Payment Issues

As part of the South African Social Security Agency’s (Sassa) March 2023 payment schedule, many beneficiaries faced issues collecting their social grants. In order to collect their money, Sassa has urged beneficiaries to check when their gold cards expire. 

Sassa/Postbank cards must be collected at Post Office branches by beneficiaries with gold cards that expire in March 2023.On Monday 13 March 2023, they will be able to collect their new gold cards at the nearest Post Office branch. 

A new gold card will only be issued to the person whose name the expiring card was issued. Unless an individual has been registered with Sassa as a procurator, they cannot collect a new gold card on behalf of another. In order to collect their new gold cards, beneficiaries must bring their South African Identity Document and their current Sassa/Postbank Gold Card that will expire in March 2023. 

New gold cards can be collected on the following dates

  • Mondays and Tuesdays, (starting from Monday 13 March 2023) will be dedicated to issuing cards to Old Age Grant beneficiaries and persons that receive Disability Grants. 
  • Wednesday to Saturday, (starting from Wednesday 15 March 2023), will be dedicated to issuing cards to those receiving Child Support Grants and persons receiving all other grants. 

In addition, Sassa has noted that grant payments will continue to be made through gold cards that expire later in the year, so those with expiring cards need not worry.

Grant recipients carrying cards that are not expiring during March are discouraged from making attempts to collect new cards at the Post Office during this month.  

Additionally, Postbank experienced a technical glitch during the March payment period, but they have stated that the issue is resolved and beneficiaries can return to a payment point for their grants. Postbank customer service on 0800 535 455 is available to assist Sassa beneficiaries who have not yet received their March grants.

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