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Why Your Sassa R350 Grant Status Is ‘UIF Registered’

Why Your Sassa R350 Grant Status Is 'UIF Registered'

Maybe your SRD grant application was rejected by an unlucky individual. Find out what this means and what you can do next if the reason was ‘UIF registered’.

Why Your Sassa R350 Grant Status Is UIF Registered

In case your R350 grant application is declined due to being ‘UIF registered,’ we can help you determine what this means and what steps you need to take.

You are considered UIF registered if SASSA determined you receive UIF benefits or are eligible for them. This indicates that you are receiving other funds or that you are not unemployed, which means you do not qualify.

SRD grants require that you do not receive any other income sources as well as UIF benefits or other grants, including NSFAS.Those who are registered with UIF and benefit from them are not eligible for the grant and should not do anything about it. Please submit a R350 grant appeal if you find that this is not true and that you do not receive UIF benefits.

You must lodge your appeal within 30 days after discovering your rejection status on the website.

SASSA will have to reconsider your application, and you must provide good reasons why you should be granted the grant as a result of this appeal.

How To Appeal For SRD Grant

Following the submission of your SRD appeal, you will need to track it. Find out how here.You will receive a text message when your appeal is successful.

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